a Punjabi monthly magazine started publishing in 1971, a collective effort of Gursharan Singh and his Amritsar-based associates.  Harbans Singh Jolly was the editor but Gursharan Singh, then a government employee, shared the overall responsibility of the magazine.  It was a political-literary forum which published radical poetry, story, and prose and was particularly dedicated to publishing new writers.  The magazine made a remarkable contribution to debates on radical politics and the burning social-political questions of the early 1970s.  It stopped publication in 1975.  We do not have the complete file of all issues.   Gursharan Singh’s own file of SARDAL was borrowed by someone and it never came back. We are told by friends in Punjab that during the Emergency in 1975 when the homes and offices of radical organizations and people were being raided by the police and intelligence, many decided to destroy their collections.   We request all if they have any issues of SARDAL from 1971 to 1975 to share them.  SARDAL resumed publication later as a mouthpiece of Punjab LokSabhyacharak Manch under different editors and continued in the 1980s.