Hindi translation of selected plays

Gursharan Singh’s 23 represented plays were translated in to Hindi by Dr. Parmanand Shastri. The Hindi translation was completed in 2012, published by Aadhar Prakashan in the same year and the book was released at the first death anniversary of Gursharan Singh in 2012, in Chandigarh. This translation was their tribute to the playwright and to carry forward his legacy. We are extremely grateful to Parmanand Shastri and the publisher, Nirmohiji, for the translation, publication and making it possible for us to include the translated plays here.

Hawai Goley

About the facade of debate in Parliament between ruling part and opposition

Year : 1972

Jab Roshni Hoti Hai

Inspired from Jean Paul Satre's play The Flies

Year : 1972


About unemployment

Year : 1972

Atma Bikau Hai

About men of conscience

Year : 1975

Band Kamre

Against Emergency of 1975

Year : 1976

Dhamak Nagade Ki

Based on Dhulla Bhatti uprising

Year : 1978

Jangiram Ki Haveli

Written and played during Morarji Desai's period

Year : 1978

Dhool Udti Rahi

Based on Balbir Singh's novel of the same name

Year : 1981

Ek Kursi Ek Morcha Aur Hawa Mein Latakte Log

In response to crisis of conflict between state and communal forces in Punjab

Year : 1983


Women's rights and citizenship

Year : 1983

Baba Bolta Hai

Written in response to anti-Sikh violence in Delhi and other cities following the assassin..More

Year : 1984

Har Ek Ko Jeene Ka Haq Chahiye

A street play on human rights. As narrated by Kewal Dhaliwal, Bhaji’s lead actor during t..More

Year : 1986

Raat Ke Andher Mein

Year : 1986

Naya Janam

Based on Sarabjit's story about caste discrimination

Year : 1987

Baba Tab Tak Bolega

Year : 1988

Operation Safed Chand

On the political conspiracy surrounding badminton player Syed Modi's killing

Year : 1988


Comment on relief work during Punjab floods in 1989-90

Year : 1989

Begumo Ki Beti

Story of woman taking back her rights

Year : 1993

Subah Ki Lau

Based on Baldev Singh's story

Year : 1995


Based on tandoor kaand of 1995 where Naina Sahni was murdered and burnt in a tandoor

Year : 1995

Mistri Ramlal

Story of a mason

Year : 2005

Yeh Zameen Hamari Hai

One of the many plays written by Gursharan Singh on Dalits

Year : 2009