English translation of selected plays

In an effort to share Gursharan Singh’s signature street plays with non-Punjabi readers, the Trust started English translation of plays. It’s a joint effort led by friends and comrades. Dinesh Sharma, who has done most of the translations, is an IT professional. He said he could do the translations because many of these plays were part of everyday life during his college years in Punjab in the 1980s. He remembered watching the street performances and this is reflected in the translations as he captures the idiom of these political satires. Tejinder Kaur, another translator, also lent her hand in the same spirit. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Sadhu Binning and Sukirat Anand for going over the translations and providing helpful comments.

Gursharan Singh has written over 200 plays which are added in the website. He began writing street plays in early 1970s and continued till about 2009. The ten street plays which have been translated represent the distinct periods – the political economic crisis of the early 1970s, the state of Emergency in 1975; 1980s, the period of state terrorism and religious fundamentalism, 1984 state-engineered violence against Sikhs and, finally, the continued oppression of the Dalits. We hope to continue this work and bring more play translations to share.

Following are the translated plays.

Hawai Gole - False Promises

Written in the early 1970s, a very popular play performed hundreds of times, mocks the Ind..More

Year : 1972

Deemak - Termites

One of Gursharan Singh’s signature street plays, written in the early 1970s, uncovers the ..More

Year : 1972

Sankat Hai Sankat Nahi Hai - Crisis

Written in 1975 at the peak of Emergency, it’s a biting satire on Indira Gandhi’s abuse of..More

Year : 1975

Jangi Ram Di Haveli - Jangi Ram's Mansion

Written in the late 1970s, this popular street play is a scathing satire on the ruling eli..More

Year : 1978

Ikk Kursi Ikk Morcha Te Hawa Vich Latakde Log - ONE CHA...

An extremely popular street play in Punjab during the 1980s, this play written in 1983, po..More

Year : 1983

Baba Bolda Hai - The old man speaks

This was written in 1984 in response to anti-Sikh violence in Delhi and other cities follo..More

Year : 1984

Tamasha-E-Hindostan - India's State of Affairs

Another popular street play written in the early 1980s, about the plights of common people..More

Year : 1985

Rahat - Relief

A hilarious satire performed in response to the flash floods in Punjab in the 1990s. Tran..More

Year : 1989

Dastan Dittu Singh Majhabi Di - Story Of Dittu Singh, A...

This is a historic play written in early 2000. It’s a story of Punjab’s Dalits who have be..More

Year : 2007